March 25, 2020

Slowing Down

I am two and half weeks into my COVID-19 quarantine and have noticed an interesting phenomenon in my day-to-day experience. I feel like I’m doing less and getting more done.

I feel like I’m communicating more effectively with my collaborators, and my days seem to have more time for deep work. I am knocking more tasks off of my to-do list than normal and have been able to make progress on things that I had been putting off for weeks.

A lot of this has been accomplished by automating information sharing. In person conversations have turned into Dropbox Paper doc share-outs. Meetings have turned into digital stand-ups. Critiques are more fluid as the design process becomes more transparent to accommodate remote work.

It’s only a couple of weeks in, and there are definitely some kinks to work out, but I’m excited to see the progress we have made and hope it sticks.

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