August 3, 2020

Scaling PUSH

Over the past six months I have been running a small personal training business called PUSH. With a small amount of clients, and remote training software (I use Truecoach, and really enjoy it) it was easy for me to get started.

Personal training is a very part-time hobby for me, and to provide quality training for my clients I have to spend a dedicated amount of time personalizing their plans and reacting to their progress. It’s been an amazing experience, but there is definitely a ceiling for me as the only person creating programming.

I will always provide one-on-one training, but the natural next step for me is to provide advice and programming in a more generalized way to a larger audience. To expand the reach of PUSH and to help more fitness enthusiasts, I’m launching PUSH on Substack.

I decided to use Substack vs. something like Mailchimp because I needed to remove the need to customize and personalize the designs. Design is a huge part of everything I do, but as a designer it can be a barrier of entry for me when making movement on a personal project. Substack was the easiest way for me to get something out in the world as fast as possible without having to worry about perfecting the positioning.

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