September 9, 2020

Peace in Equifinality

I can’t remember how, but I recently stumbled on the concept that has altered the way I think about being right.” I created a document in iA Writer called notes.txt with one word: equifinality.

Equifinality is both a term and concept adopted across various disciplines including archaeology, biology, business, and psychology. Proponents of the concept commonly believe that various means and/or developmental paths lead to similar end states or outcomes. (Springer)

Applied to everyday life, there is a sense of peace that comes from knowing that one can achieve a single outcome multiple ways. I personal get relief knowing that my way isn’t the only way to achieve my desire outcomes, and it puts into perspective the fact that others might require different journeys to my desired outcome.

In short, methods and outcomes aren’t inherently bound to each other. If there are situations in life that require a different method to support others in achieving a desired outcome, that doesn’t discredit the other methods. Equifinality suggests that all methods are valid and potentially infinite in number.

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