July 23, 2019

Future Fit

Future Fit

I’ve been using Future (a fitness app, not the rapper) for over six months and I’ve really enjoyed the experience. The easiest way to summarize the concept is that it’s a personal trainer who trains you via an app and sends you text and audio messages to track progress and keep you motivated. The app pairs with an Apple Watch to get your fitness metrics and track your progress.

Fitness has been a hobby for me for a long time. I’ve never been much of a sports person, but lifting weights and running has been a way for me to get healthy and push myself. My problem has never been the habit of going to the gym. (In fact, the first thing I learned with Future was that I was going too much.) My issue has always been hitting plateaus. Future changed this.

My trainer, Parker, started me off with a weekly plan of four days in the gym and we’ve been tweaking things for over half a year. Every time I hit a plateau, he switches things up on me. When I travel, he contacts the hotel I’m staying at and tweaks my workouts to accommodate the limitations with the facility and equipment.

Every workout starts with a little audio message from Parker with daily goals. At the end of each session, I send him a summary of how I felt during the workout and he uses that information to plan the next week’s workouts. It’s a solid routine, and it has been awesome to get to know Parker.

The biggest hurdle for most people would probably be the price. $150 / month is no small fee. However, fitness is my main hobby and I can honestly say that it has been the most impactful change in my personal fitness that I have ever made. Plus, if you trained with a personal trainer as much as I use Future you would spend 10x this cost.

From a tech perspective, the team keeps iterating and adding features that make the experience better. I already love the product, but the tweaks they make add a lot of value to already solid experience. Specifically, the Apple Watch UX improvements. It’s the best fitness experience I’ve had on the Apple Watch, which is saying a lot because I’m a huge Strava fan. (Shout out, Strava.)

If you’re looking to step your fitness game up to the next level try Future. The extra motivation and personal guidance go a long way and the personal connection to another human makes the product super unique in the space.

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