April 15, 2020

Adapting to Remote

A lot of companies have had to move their entire workforce into remote work. In reaction to that truth, there are a lot of people writing about the importance of adaptation. The TL;DR: If you don’t adapt to remote work quickly, your business will not be competitive.

Adaptation is the competitive advantage. It’s the thing that keeps us alive in nature. It drives the evolution of every living organism.

I completely agree with the notion that businesses need to adapt to remote work. Simply put, I believe it’s the future of work. I have worked as a remote designer, and have managed bicoastal teams remotely. It isn’t easy, but like anything, with practice and experimentation you can make it work.

As an individual worker, this change in your environment can give you a unique advantage. For industries that haven’t historically been remote, and for those who have dabbled, this radical shift evens the playing field. We have found ourselves in an environment that has never existed before. This is an opportunity to adapt to this new way of work and build advanced skills in a way of working that has few experts.

Individual contributors can use this opportunity to change their way of working to better themselves and their teams. Managers can learn how to virtually share knowledge and communicate cross-functionally to empower their teams with clear understanding. Companies can use this as an opportunity to empower workers to focus on deep work and provide autonomy that lets them get the most from working at home.

These are just a few ideas. Adaptation isn’t about radically shifting things, it’s about modification to accommodate new circumstances. It will push you to grow, and alter your skills in ways that allow you to thrive in this new environment.

If we adapt together, we grow together. Take what you learn and share it with the rest of your organization. See where it works and where it doesn’t and continue to adapt tips and tricks you find to your unique situation.

Here are a couple of resources to help you get started with remote work:

Feel free to reach out with more recommendations for this list!

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