About Me

Hello, my name is Trevor. I’m a professional designer.

In the past, I have worked in both product design and brand design. I now use that knowledge to help start-ups bridge the gap between the two disciplines. Currently, I work as a product designer on the Social Impact team at Facebook.

In my free time I host an online radio show, manage a Slack community for design managers, and run a small online fitness consultancy.

If you’d like to connect or request work samples feel free to reach out at [email protected]. I’m always looking to meet new people and drink coffee. :)

Current Interests

I’m currently learning about:

  • The ethics of carnism
  • Better note-taking
  • Rentier capitalism
  • Pluralism and society

This is a running list of topics I’m interested. A smaller version of a /now page. Last updated February 28, 2021.

Past Roles

Buffy, Acorns, Book of the Month, Dropbox, Jukely, Paperless Post, charity: water, Sevenly, and Column Five.

Thanks for visiting. For more feel free to follow me @trevorgrogers on Twitter and Instagram.

About This Site

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